Adverts in Chisinau

There is not really a law for posting posters on the streets of Chisinau . Trees , busstops are covered with home made xeroxes . The Minister of the city said the people must advertise , when asked about high polution of these posters . Bus stops have no official advertisings posted , because its a place for xeroxes . Probably thats why high billboards raised so much in the city , that no one reach their area . But theres an unwritten law to not post on private properties . Have no fear to post your own during the day in the places where it already is . 
Official citylights don't advertise much globalised stuff , they're more propaganda styled , showing Chisinau , moldavian singers or domestic stuff . Professional regural advertising is missing . Billboards are more like yellow pages for products . Many billboards are plain white waiting for customer to pay , or advertising of a commercial event stays hanged long after the event happened . These conditions reflects on whole market scene which works often right on the street by giving flyers , offering transport , selling secondhand items . Overall there is more stuff right on the street than in shops .

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