I am a fan of soviet blocks-of-flats and I saw some large ones in Chisinau . We don't have such high and structurised buildings from this era in our country , so these ones are "real soviet" for me . Most of them aren't renovated since they'r made , giving them a strong nostalgy feeling . Material and visual is somehow decorative for me , together with other objects in city like steel rails ,  the flower holders laying on the streets . The balconies are rounded and divided in many ways on one building . Lower blocks have a ornament on the top and also balconies raised to various geometrical shapes . Best districts are Botanica , Rîșcani , Ciocana , Buiucani  but all city is covered with it .

What I like about them is  that many of them are "open to public" like I used to remember as a child. Now at my home every entrances are securely closed - they are renovated with new lifts and outfit which looks horrible - new in old .

Like a public space , side steps are presenting a place for hide and for me also a gallery .

Other thing I catch from beginning were those old windows looking like a place for storage of things , or anything but a window. In Slovakia there is huge boom of plastic windows at its end , but here its maybe a song of future . In Chisinau I don't really think the blocks will soon renovate . Things here just go in cheaper way which is good .